Busting the Myths About Root Canal Treatment

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A root canal treatment is often negatively portrayed; this is due to the myths about the procedure which make it appear scarier than they should be. However, root canal treatment is actually useful as it helps save a severely decayed tooth from extraction. This treatment is no more frightening or time-consuming than a dental filling. Moreover, you will feel better as soon as the infected pulp is removed.


root canal surgery

Protect yourself from the misconceptions about root canal treatment! Here are some of its myths we at Chesterfield Woodlake Dental have prepared. Read on!

Root canal treatments are painful

There are a lot of adults who struggle with dental anxiety. The thought of visiting the dentist may make them anxious, even for a simple cleaning procedure. Thus, dentists understand why a patient might expect extreme pain when hearing the news that they need root canal treatment. Thankfully, sedation options exist to make root canals quick and comfortable. 

If the pain is gone, there will be no need for a root canal treatment

People commonly assume that if their teeth do not hurt, it means they’re healthy. Unfortunately, this is not always true, as this indicates that the tooth may already be dead and would need a root canal treatment to prevent a dangerous infection.

It is better to have a tooth extracted than to undergo a root canal treatment

People think that it is easier to pull out a problematic tooth than to remove the infected pulp, fill in the root, and place a crown for restoration. However, this does not necessarily mean that it’s better. Your natural teeth are still better than any kind of false teeth. Moreover, they look and work better, so it is best to save the tooth than to have it extracted.


Are you aiming to save your teeth from terrible decay? Don’t let those pesky myths get in your way. Avail of Root Canal Treatment in Chesterfield, MO. Schedule an appointment with us at Chesterfield Woodlake Dental for a safe and comfortable procedure. Our dental office is located at 14377 Woodlake Dr. #206, Chesterfield, MO 63017.